Who we are

We’re a Maori company with a vision to nurture our world. The value of kaitiakitanga (guardianship) is right at the heart of everything we do. Every step of the Whaiora process, sourcing, blending and packaging, shows our promise to preserving natural resources for future generations.

We’ve drawn nourishment from Papatuanuku (earth mother) from the beginning of time, and we know that to take care of ourselves we must also take care of our whenua (land).

Whaiora puna

The Whaiora puna

This tohu (symbol) represents the relationship between Ranginui (Sky Father) and Papatuanuku (Earth Mother), and the source of nourishment and wellbeing they provide. It’s the perfect tohu to capture our harmonious connection with nature.

The Whaiora kowhaiwhai

Like the unfurling of a plant and its fruits, the Whaiora kowhaiwhai draws the nutrients from Papatuanuku (Earth Mother) then unfurls and reaches toward the energising rays of Ranginui (Sky Father). It recognises the intrinsic connection between Ranginui and Papatuanuku and represents the necessity for a naturally balanced approach to health and wellbeing.


Our Quest

The first step in creating the perfect blend was to find the best produce. The Whaiora team journeyed in search of fruits, vegetables, oats, milk and honey that were produced in the most natural ways and consistent with our Whaiora values. Most importantly, we wanted to find people throughout Aotearoa and beyond who care about nurturing our world as much as we do. It took us a couple of years (phew!), but we did it. A real-food smoothie blend — It’s natural goodness made easy.