What does Whaiora mean?

Whaiora means the pursuit of wellbeing. Our responsibility as Kaitaiki (guardians) reflects our value of working in harmony with nature. This is the source of our health and wellbeing and is at the heart of everything we do.

The circular design in Whaiora represents the puna, the wellspring and source of nourishment from the land. It also represents the intrinsic connection between Ranginui (Sky Father) and Papatuanuku (Earth Mother) symbolising a naturally balanced approach to health and wellbeing.

What nutrients are in Whaiora?

Whaiora smoothies provide nutrients from a mixture of fruits, vegetables, oats, milk and honey. Go to our goodness in a can information to see how much we pack into one container. Our smoothie blends are completely natural, so the nutrients come straight from the produce we use. We don’t add anything to boost the nutritional profile or make sneaky marketing claims.

Each serve contains approximately 480kJ (115Cal) of energy, over 4.5g of protein, and 1.5g dietary fibre (see nutrition information for exact details).

What do you mean by 'balance'?

Our quest is to make it easy to add balance to your day. We realise between work, home and family, life can get a bit hectic. We wish we could add more hours to the day, but sadly we’re not magicians! What we can do though is provide a smoothie blend packed with ingredients from several food groups (fruits, vegetables, oats, milk and honey).

This makes it super easy to add natural goodness to your daily routine. Ta-da, balance!

What do I mix the smoothie powder with?

All you need is chilled water! But feel free to get creative and add ingredients like coconut water, frozen banana, or even yoghurt. Check out some recipes on our inspiration page or if you have any ideas you’d like to share, let us know!

Where does Whaiora get its sweetness from?

There’s no refined sugar in our smoothie blends. We get our sweetness naturally, from the tasty combination of fruits, vegetables, milk and honey.

What makes Whaiora different from other smoothie powders?

We’re a bit unique (a typical Kiwi trait some say) because our powders contain NO artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives (just good stuff). You can really taste the nourishing flavours of fruits, vegetables, oats, milk and honey.

Do I have to use chilled water?

Nope! You can use water straight from the tap but we recommend using chilled water for the best tasting smoothie.

Can I add ice to the chilled water?

Great idea!

This is especially refreshing on a hot summer day. Add two or three ice cubes, water, smoothie powder (in that order), then blend away! If you want to add lots of ice, remember to reduce the amount of water you use.

Do you source your ingredients from New Zealand?

We always start with fruits, vegetables, oats, milk and honey grown here in Aotearoa. Occasionally we can’t source a consistent supply of high-quality ingredients locally, so we head overseas to find suppliers who care about nurturing our world as much as we do.

Is the smoothie powder vegetarian?

Yup! It’s completely vegetarian (lacto-ovo). Stay tuned for a vegan option…

I have a nut allergy, can I drink Whaiora?

Our smoothie powders do not contain nuts. However, the ingredients may have been manufactured alongside other products containing nuts.

Why do weights and product levels look different across the range?

You Noticed!

Our smoothie blends will settle over time and may look like we haven’t filled up the can properly. The weights vary because the natural ingredients have different weights and bulk once powdered.

Each can will still give you 12 delicious, power-packed servings.

I’ve noticed the smoothie powder sometimes sticks to the side of the blender. Help!

Try adding the water to your blender first, THEN add the smoothie powder. This should stop any sticking.

If you can, give your mix a short pre-shake before turning your blender on.

Why do the colours vary across different batches?

Good Question!

Whai Ora smoothie blends are made with all-natural ingredients, which can change colour depending on the time of year and other natural variations. (We've heard that they change depending on their mood too).

I live outside of New Zealand, can I get Whaiora?

International shipping will be available in the future. At this stage we’re just shipping within New Zealand. Sign up to our newsletter and we’ll let you know when it’s available in your country.



Your order should arrive within two working days (rural deliveries may take a little longer). If you’re just too excited and can’t wait for your natural goodness we’d be happy to arrange overnight delivery, but this will cost a bit extra.


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