Five ways to start fresh this Spring

Five ways to start fresh this Spring

With spring looming, we thought we’d ask Jane from Behind the Blush Door to share her top five tips to organising your home.

Over to you, Jane…

Now I’m no expert, and what works for me may not work for others, but hopefully you take away some good pointers from this.

1 – The Pantry

Have a declutter of your pantry, bin the expired items and buy in smaller quantities to avoid overcrowding.

I’m working my way to a package less pantry and 85% is now glass jars, I started the move to more sustainable packaging last year during “plastic free July”. You could reuse your old jars, or go op shopping.

I’ve found since having the jars and being able to see the contents, there is much less waste. Wire baskets allow me to see what I have and it all looks good when the pantry door is left open. Make use of your space and if you can, use level racks.

Instead of buying new containers, I like to think outside the box and buy beautifully packaged food that I can reuse once finished. Whaiora smoothie containers will sit pretty, even when finished. 

2 – The Kids’ Rooms

My kids’ rooms are pretty simple. I try to keep just a few special toys and books in there; the rest I’ve stored in the “toy cupboard” (in my house we have a huge hallway cupboard which I’m assuming was intended for linen, but there’s no way I could fill it. So, it’s now a toy storage cupboard).  

Baskets and bags keep it tidy 70% of the time but kids and life happen and yes, it does get messy. I also try to keep on top of what toys they’re interested in and play with. I’ll sell the ones they no longer use and they’re allowed to use that money to buy new toys.

Custom shelving built by their dad holds their special toys and baskets are used throughout the house.

3 – The Linen Cupboard

I don’t have too much linen, I got rid of a lot before we moved and now only have a couple of sets of bedding for each bed and about 10 towels. I find the more towels I have, the more washing I end up doing. I store the towels rolled up in the main bathroom. Again, baskets and containers keep it tidy most of the time.

4 – Storing and Displaying Utilities

A wooden peg rack (mine’s the $8 one from Kmart) is a great way to store and display your everyday items. This filled a dead space in my kitchen, I’m constantly changing it and adding new flowers and decorations. Who would have thought dusters and fly swats could be a piece of art?

5 – Declutter

Don’t be a hoarder, don’t save something for that time you may need it. If you don’t use it, sell, donate or throw it away. Clutter just makes more work and makes it harder to clean and find things. Don’t tackle it all at once, choose an area each day to sort. It could be a junk drawer, closet, the garage, the kids room….

“For every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned” – Benjamin Franklin


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